General anaesthesia, sedation and nitrous oxide

We’ll take away your anxiety.

Anaesthesia of any kind can cause concern and anxiety for many patients beforehand, and the risks are generally well-known. However, we utilise the most modern means of anaesthesia and sedation to ensure the highest possible level of safety. Our specialist staff will advise you and show the best options to find the most suitable form of anaesthesia for you.
If your child is particularly nervous before treatment, we have the necessary facilities to remove his or her anxiety and ensure he or she is relaxed. In this case, a small, pleasantly fruit-scented mask is placed over the child’s nose, and the child can then breathe in the ‘magic air’. After treatment, the nitrous oxide is exhaled and the effect wears off immediately.

Depending on the situation, we can also provide treatment under general anaesthetic. In this case we are assisted by an experienced team of anaesthetists.